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Strongest Nations In The World

World superpowers are the countries that literally run the affairs of the world. We see them every day on the international news. There are many parameters one can use to measure the strength of a country: from economic strength and global influence to technological advancements and military size. Here are the top 5 strongest and most powerful nations of the world for 2018 based on the analysis of US News & World Report.

  1. The United States of America

The United States of America clearly tops this list. The US is an embodiment of power and strength. It is the 4th largest country in terms of area and 3rd largest in terms of population. It also has the largest economy in the world. The economy in California alone produces about $2.5 trillion. Guess what! Assuming California was a country, that number would have made the California economy one of the top six in the world. Imagine that! The US Dollar is the most popular currency in the world, without which, international trade will come to a standstill.

The US is a founding member of the United Nations and its role in international politics in unparalleled, especially as regards global security. The US also has the strongest military in the world, with the most sophisticated military weapons systems and nuclear warheads. All in all, the US is undoubtedly the strongest nation in the world.

  1. Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area and land mass, entirely covering Northern Asia and the majority of Eastern Europe. Its economy which is one of the largest in the world is sustained by its extensive natural resources: oil and natural gas reserves. Globally known for its rivalry with the US, its influence in the international scene is unfettered. Russia has one of the most powerful militaries in the world. The country is home to the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons with over 7,000 nuclear warheads! With influence like this, Russia is definitely a world power and ranks number two on this list.

  1. China

China is the most populous nation in the world with over 1.37 billion people. It has the second largest economy in the world just behind the US and is the global leader in export – almost every household has at least one made-in-china product! China has the largest military in the world with over 200,000 active personnel (Obviously! It is the most populous country in the world). As a Permanent member of the UN Security Council, China with Russia as a strong ally has very strong political and economic influence in the world.

  1. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom comprises England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and is a highly developed country located in Western Europe. The UK has a very strong economic and political influence and has long been a trendsetter in various areas such as technology, fashion, culture, arts, and sciences. It is in fact infamous for its high standard of living. It has one of the best Navies in the world as well as one of the most capable foreign intelligence agencies, the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6.

  1. Germany

Taking fifth place on this list, Germany has long been one of the most powerful nations in the world despite the war and internal conflict that has ravaged the country in the past. Located in central-western Europe, Germany is a well-developed nation with a high standard of living, and an extremely skilled and highly educated population. It is one of the largest exporters known for the quality of its products and has a very strong global economic influence. It has a strong international political influence and relations. Germany also has a powerful military and a very competent government.

On the whole, these superpower countries may not necessarily be the richest countries in the world, but their strength and influence is undeniable. Almost all of them are Permanent members of the UN Security Council, which is an added leverage to their global political influence.

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My SARS Brutality Experience #EndSarsBrutality

I have been trying to share this story a long time, So I feel this is the best time to share this experience.
On 7th November 2017, I got a call from a top client that I have been trying to convince to patronise our Service. He asked me to come for payment, With joy in my heart, I packed my laptop, prepared my slides, make sure the proposal for set and off I went.
On my way to his office, I got to Ojodu Area which shares a border with Ogun State, I was stopped by this men on Black, they have no Uniforms just a black Shirt, No name or identification whatsoever. They asked me to identify myself, which I did, I told them I am a website designer and digital marketing personnel. Then they asked me to declare what I have in my bag (from experience I have learnt not to say laptop) So I told I have my work tools in it. They asked me to open which I gladly did. Immediately they saw a laptop in my bag, I could see the joy on their faces like someone that won a grand lottery. Then they asked for the receipt. I told them I don’t have the receipt on me and that the laptop was a parting gift from my former organisation before I started my own company, then they told me to drop the laptop with them and go bring the receipt from home. After showing them documents that clearly stated my claim. I know leaving the laptop with them was not an option, if I do that then that will be the end of the laptop and I don’t want to hear stories that touches the heart.
So I pleaded with them, showed them my website, showed my identity, showed them evidence that it was a gift.
Then one of them told me to just settle myself and go else I will be delayed, I said No problem. I have a policy of no bribe (this is not me trying to form saint or anything) But if we must build a good Nigeria or citizenry, It should start with us. I told him, I am sorry I can’t. Then they asked me to follow them to their station. Note, I have a meeting for 1pm and I have already been delayed for over an hour already. I was not the only one they are taking to the station, there were 4 of us, 3 yahoo boys and some drug guys that sell hemp I guess, I was tempted to just pay them off and go my way so they don’t pack us together and sell one fake story. But the guilt of doing that will forever hunt me. So I stood my ground and followed them to their station. I knew they can be funny, so I quickly started sending messages to a group I belong to on whatsapp, I was updating the group as things was happening, as if I knew , Immediately I got to their station, They seized my phone, my laptop , prevented me from making any form of contact outside , They said I was forming saint, one of them even threatened to shoot my leg for not cooperating with them. Note, I never disrespected them, I just told them I wasn’t going to pay bribe Note: I am against people that disrespects men on uniforms (whether security, police, cleaners, etc.) They even try to force me to write statement of something I know nothing about.
At the end of the day, the real criminals were set free after paying and I was the only one held down.
So after wasting my time for over 4 hours, them all of a sudden, they said my laptop was missing, that I have organised one of my gang members to come and steal it. That I will spend the rest of my life in jail. One of them hit me , one even told me he will waste me off and nothing will happen that as a SARS he is licensed to kill. At that point, I raised my voise and told them my laptop can never miss that if it happens there will be consequences and that heads will roll and not just that I will get back my PC in hundred folds, So I got my phone back and started updating the folks on my whatsapp group. So my watsapp group pals , started making contacts , so they contacted the DPO of Ojodu who had to make some calls to the other DPO where I was held at Ojodu Abiodun Police station. That was how my laptop was released and I was set free around some minutes to 5pm .
From 11am in the morning to 5pm In the evening that experienced almost made me cry, I still got emotional and teary typing this right now.

I wouldn’t say #EndSARS But we all should fight against #EndSarsBrutality
Also we should also not blame the SARS personnel, lets not forget that they are also victims of this country Corruption and decay. But that doesn’t give them the right to maltreat anyone. Lets respect our Police, lets show them love too even though They might not deserve but they need it and above all, the Nigerian police should do a lot to earn our respect back.

But that doesn’t change my love for them, no matter how much they hurt me, I will always be a step above them by showing them love


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